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20+ Gifts for Writers: Holiday Gifting Guide

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22 October 2023

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Gift ideas for writers

Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or another holiday, you’ll find the ideal present for the author in your life right here. As a writer myself, I’ve handpicked various gifts for authors of all styles—including the creative ones, the procrastinators and the planners.

If you’re looking for a unique present for your favourite writer, I’ve got you covered. This list has it all, from special editions to creative games for writers. Happy gifting!

The 20+ best gifts for writers

Shadow World Myriorama Cards

Myriorama cards are a set of illustrated cards, and each shows a different aspect of a landscape. They can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to create a huge number of diverse settings.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And Myriorama cards give you a visual head start in describing settings and scenes. I’ve picked these science fiction-themed cards for a good reason: I love the illustrations and they’re great fun to play around with. Writers will love the concept, finding inspiration in the almost infinite storylines. Check out this sci-fi set on Amazon.

Stephen King's On Writing

Stephen King’s On Writing stands as a staple within the writing advice book scene, and for good reason. It’s a must-have book that weaves together heaps of practical writing advice with engaging anecdotes from King’s own life. It’s ideal for writers who haven’t yet picked it up.

A literary calendar gift

A calendar helps them see all their plans so they don’t lose track of their writing projects. They’ll know when to start, when to finish and when to celebrate. This is a perfect gift for the procrastinating writer to help them stay organised.

Desk organiser planner gift for writers

A desk organiser is another practical gift for writers because it can improve their workspace and add to their overall creativity. And when you gift a desk organiser, you’ll show them you appreciate their craft and want to support them in their writing journey.

literary blue T-shirt writers gift

Check out this literary T-shirt by The Literary Gift Company. It’s ideal as a unisex gift for writers. If the blue doesn’t work, explore other lit-inspired T-shirt gifts on the company’s website.

literary tote bag gift for a writer

A literary tote is the perfect way to carry their literary love wherever they go. This tote is a thoughtful gift, trendy and timeless, too. You can’t go wrong.

Christmas Carol Folio Society special edition gift for writers

When it comes to special editions, The Folio Society’s beautifully bound books are right on top. The independent publisher, made up of editors, designers and artisans, designs and illustrates hardback editions of celebrated books—standout presents if you want to gift them something extra special.

This edition is a seasonal pick: Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It’s an ideal holiday keepsake, making it perfect for gift-giving.

Kindle, gift for writers

Kindles have been around for a while, and they remain useful and practical for readers and writers alike.

Buying a Kindle for writers allows them to carry an entire library of books and reference materials in one compact device. This can be helpful for research, inspiration or simply for reading. A win-win for both the writer and their imagination.

Literary candle gift

Choosing a literary-themed candle is a great way to let the author in your life know you’ve put some real thought into their gift, matching their love for literature.

Whether it’s inspired by Mark Twain or Edgar Allan Poe, writers will love thoughtfully scented candles in literary-inspired packaging.

Typewriter in blue for writers

One of the fanciest gifts on the list is the typewriter. It’s a cool classic and more than just a retro showpiece. A typewriter carries a history, so when you gift one to that special someone, you’ll be telling them you appreciate their love for the craft.

The Writer's Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands book gift for writers

This delightful book is a visual joy, taking writers on a compelling journey through a selection of beautiful maps, acting as inspiration for their own world-building. It’s the ideal present to ignite creativity that authors will love.

642 ideas to write about

I took this small book along on a trip to New York, and during sit-down breaks in coffee shops, I’d flick through the pages. It reminds me of NYC, even years later, because I had a great time writing across the different prompts while exploring the city. But even if I wasn’t on a wonderful trip to the USA, I’d have loved this book because it gets your mind ticking, without the commitment that a novel demands. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s perfect for writers.

Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2024

This book is a valuable gift, as it’s a comprehensive resource for aspiring writers, providing information and guidance on various aspects of the creative process, including publishing, finding agents and marketing your work.


At the higher end of our list of gift options, a MasterClass subscription opens the door to best-in-class online workshops from literary icons like Neil Gaiman, N. K. Jemisin and Dan Brown. This gift is a real winner for writers.

Writers Toolbox game gift

This is a set of creative writing games, prompts and exercises designed to inspire and enhance the writing process. It’s an excellent gift for writers and can help them overcome writer’s block and generate fresh ideas for their projects.

Over-ear headphones

Plenty of writers need a quiet and focused environment to concentrate on their work. That’s where over-ear headphones come in, help writers block out distracting sounds. Choose a pair that offers comfort, concentration and a touch of luxury.

Literary colouring book writers' gift

Colouring is a fantastic way to de-stress, and lots of writers will appreciate this fun and creative present. Plus, this pick is not just about colouring; writers can dive into Shakespeare. 

Desk time for writers

Managing their time, increasing productivity, maintaining focus and developing a structured writing routine—desk timers are a great creative tool, and writers will love this gift.

Literary Sherlock Holmes puzzle gift

When writers aren’t working on their manuscripts, many will sit back and relax with a hobby—like a literary-themed puzzle. So, why not a Sherlock Holmes-themed puzzle? For me, this is a literary gem that’ll make any writer’s day.

Dixit storytelling game, writers' gifts

Whatever their writing style, this game is a great tool to kickstart their creativity. Known for its stunning artwork, as well as its ability to inspire imaginative storytelling, Dixit encourages players to think outside the box and explore their interpretive skills. It’s an excellent gift for writers who enjoy creative and thought-provoking games.


21. Writing software

Last but not least, a great gift for the author in your life is writing software. Not only will it help to improve their writing, but it will also streamline their writing process, making their work more efficient and enjoyable. It’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Here are three of my favourites:

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